United Airlines, TXU Energy, and Memorial Hermann Among Opus Research’s 2024 Conversational AI Award Winners

Opus Research is proud to announce the winners for the 2024 Conversational AI Awards. These winners were selected among the more than 30 submissions celebrating outstanding achievements in the application of natural language-powered, Conversational AI business use cases.

Opus Research received a wide range of solution submissions spanning chatbots, conversational IVRs, sales coaches, conversational commerce, and agent assistance. The submissions were evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Clear Business Value: Demonstrating a compelling need with measurable business impact
  • Superior User Experience: Mastery in understanding natural language inputs and exceptional UX
  • AI Innovation: Distinguished utilization of the latest innovations including Generative AI and LLM technologies
  • Hands-On Testing: Special consideration given to submissions that can be accessed and tested

Here are the 2024 Opus Research Conversational AI Award winners (in alphabetical order, with primary solution provider in parentheses):

  • Air India: Generative answer use case handles 20,000 daily inquiries ranging from traditional transactional questions to health and medical assistance, using a 100% Generative AI approach with an impressive 93% containment rate. (Air India)
  • Canadian Automobile Association: A showcase for automated handling of roadside assistance calls with multimodal voicebot taking nearly 30% of total call volume and leading to higher satisfaction rates. (Replicant)
  • Memorial Hermann: A voice assistant utilized for post-discharge follow-up and patient engagement to schedule “annual wellness” visits, freeing up nurses to provide more hands-on patient care. Leverages neural TTS and advanced LLMs for life-like voice assistants in the healthcare domain. (WaypointGridspace)
  • TXU Energy: TXU’s two assistants, IVY and ABY, handle a broad range of inquiries and transaction requests, including payment processing which has delivered significant cost avoidance. (Interactions)
  • United Airlines: Multimodal experience allows travelers to interact via voice and digital simultaneously to enable the automation of complex use cases. Some 60% of users have fully automated experiences resulting in a CSAT of 80%-90%. (NLX)

The goal of Opus Research awards is to highlight the tangible, real-world business benefits gained from implementing Conversational AI technologies. The judges were impressed by how far they have come in identifying real-world opportunities, including the implementation of advanced LLMs and Generative AI, addressing both technical and organizational challenges.

In this respect, several additional deployments deserve special commendations:

  • Citadel Credit Union: A highly capable self-service solution that has contributed to increased NPS scores, can handle an array of questions, and shows great flexibility in its conversational abilities. (Posh Technologies)
  • Coachvox: AI enables professional coaches, thought-leaders, and entrepreneurs to train an AI-assistant on their own content in order to engage larger audiences on their behalf. (Coachvox)
  • LOOP Insurance: A chatbot that has reduced email volume by 55% and that deftly handles customer questions, stays on topic, and excels at understanding natural language to facilitate smoother communication. (Quiq)
  • Türkiye Immigration Office: Multi-lingual conversational IVR managing 1500 tasks across 50 different options to achieve a 26% increase in self-service transactions. (SESTEK)
  • WISEchef: A personalized nutritional assistant that allows customers to easily find a list of foods that are compatible with their nutrition preferences and health conditions. (WISECode)

Opus Research wants to thank all those who submitted considerations for this year’s awards. We look forward to learning more about your journeys and solutions leveraging Conversational AI, LLMs, and Generative AI and sharing them on www.opusresearch.net.

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