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Opus Research, the firm that coined the term “Conversational Commerce,” is an industry pioneer in hosting more than two dozen conferences that tackle real-world opportunities and challenges of Intelligent Assistance and Intelligent Authentication.

Since 2007, Opus Research has organized and produced global, industry-defining events with keynotes, panels and case studies featuring executives from digital giants such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook; and global brands including Coca-Cola, Samsung, HSBC, FedEx, BMW, T-Mobile, Shell Corporation, Ticketmaster, Domino’s and many others, bringing together enterprises, customers, solutions providers, and technology vendors to foster new business opportunities in emerging markets.

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Past Events

Previous Events

First held in October 2013, Place: The Business of Location offers the perfect venue to learn how indoor positioning, offline analytics and advanced mobile-location targeting will change the way that retailers, venue owners, manufacturers and brands think about operations, marketing and the customer experience.
Check out highlights and presentations:
Place New York 2015
Place London 2014
Place New York 2014
Place San Francisco 2013