Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder, Opus Research

Dan Miller founded Opus Research in 1986 and helped define Conversational Commerce through consulting engagements and by authoring scores of reports and advisories addressing business opportunities that reside where automated speech and natural language processing leverage conversational AI, analytics and contact centers.

As Director of the New Electronic Media Program at LINK Resources from 1980-1983, he helped define one of the first continuous advisory services in the information industry. He then held management positions at Atari, Warner Communications and Pacific Telesis Group (now part of AT&T). He edited and published Telemedia News & Views, a highly-regarded monthly newsletter regarding developments in voice processing and intelligent network services. He also served as Editor-in-Chief of The Kelsey Report, where he also oversaw the launch of advisory services on local online commerce, voice & wireless commerce and global directories.

Dan received his BA from Hampshire College and an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business.

Contact: [email protected]
LinkedIn: Dan Miller
Twitter: @dnm54


Derek Top, Senior Analyst & Research Director, Opus Research

Derek Top is Senior Analyst and Research Director for Opus Research, a diversified advisory firm tracking Conversational AI, Conversational Intelligence, and Intelligent Authentication technologies. For more than 15 years, he has been covering transformative technologies and producing top-notch business events. Prior to Opus, he was senior editor and program director at GreenBiz Group. There he helped produce the VERGE conference series and wrote about how the convergence of mobile and information technologies are driving innovation for smart energy and sustainability.

Previously, Top served as senior associate editor with Optimize magazine and InformationWeek covering business technology and enterprise IT trends for CMP Media and UBM. Before joining CMP, Top was managing editor with Streaming Media, Inc.

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LinkedIn: Derek Top
Twitter: @derektop


Amy Stapleton, Senior Analyst, Opus Research

Amy Stapleton is a seasoned professional with a rich background in Conversational AI and technology innovation. Since 2016, Amy has been at the forefront of Conversational AI, continuously pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities. She has a proven track record of building successful voice applications on the Amazon Alexa platform. More recently, Amy has been dedicated to addressing the unique needs of isolated older adults through the power of Large Language Models (LLMs). 
In her previous stint as an analyst at Opus Research, Amy covered emerging trends and cutting-edge technologies in conversational assistance. 
Amy’s career also includes nearly 15 years at NASA, where she served as an IT Manager and Branch Chief in the Enterprise Applications division. Her contributions in this capacity contributed to the smooth operation and digital transformation of NASA’s technological infrastructure. Before her time at NASA, Amy honed her expertise at leading technology giants IBM and SAP. Her experience in these companies provided her with a deep understanding of enterprise-level systems and their integration, further solidifying her proficiency in managing complex IT projects.

Contact: [email protected]
LinkedIn: Amy Stapleton
Twitter: @Talks2Bots