Webinar: “How Conversational Intelligence Drives Better Business Outcomes”

In spite of the hype around omnichannel customer journeys, many businesses regard the phone as their primary channel for converting leads, making appointments and bringing in new customers. As communication paths between brands and customers change, call intelligence has morphed into “conversational intelligence.”

Marchex, a conversational intelligence solution provider focused on solving marketing and sales challenges for businesses, has developed an adaptive approach to applying both analytics and elements of AI to help identify deep consumer intent and recover “lost sales” in order to boost business outcomes.

In this free webinar (Tuesday, December 10th), Opus Research and Marchex discuss how conversational intelligence can drive better business outcomes that can be measured and validated to convert leads, increase close rates and associated revenue increases.

Register here for the webinar – Tuesday, December 10th

Don’t miss this opportunity to boost sales outcomes with conversational intelligence.

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