Shaping the Future of Customer Care: Innovative Self-Service

Businesses around the world are spending billions of dollars to bring their customer care infrastructure into the modern era. Amid this heightened spending on contact center modernization, automated self-service has taken a back seat, in favor of agent-assisted services.

But, as explored by Opus Research in this free whitepaper, self-service should be regarded as a source of cost-savings and operational efficiencies, as well as a solution to customer care challenges to boost satisfaction.

Success now depends on the ability to navigate an intricate terrain of self-service solutions, to uncover strategies that drive business success. As one example, Interactions has implemented well-designed Intelligent Virtual Assistants that take advantage of human input and an optimized solution architecture to easily meet and exceed customer expectations.

“Shaping the Future of Customer Care: Innovative Self-Service” delves into the dynamic landscape of self-service customer care, exploring the challenges, opportunities, and advancements that define its evolution. From the advent of AI-infused technologies to the transformative impact of the global pandemic, Opus Research examines the good and bad of self-service automation, highlighting proven paths to deploy Conversational AI.

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