2024 Conversational Intelligence Intelliview: Leading Solution Providers in AI-Powered Insights

In this report, Opus Research evaluates 18 leading solution providers that employ Conversational Intelligence technologies to capture and analyze a wide spectrum of data to derive actionable insights from voice- and text-based interactions among employees, prospects, and customers.

Conversational Intelligence (CI) serves as a cornerstone for enhancing important business objectives: agent performance optimization, conversational automated self-service, and refinement of business operations and products.

Contact centers and CX operations are the most direct beneficiaries of CI-informed features and functions, spanning support of quality assurance, agent training and post-call summarization, real-time agent assistance, and automated virtual assistants.

Opus Research’s 2024 Conversational Intelligence Intelliview includes detailed information about products and services, technology differentiators, business impact, and future vision for advanced LLMs and Generative AI. This report helps enterprises understand current state-of-art capabilities when evaluating solutions to improve overall customer experiences and operational efficiencies.

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