Human Intelligence: The Key to Harnessing Generative AI

Thanks to the explosive growth of Generative AI, the giants of cloud-based IT, search, social networking, and commerce introduced a plethora of new services. These services aspire to transform the way both customers and employees interact with the growing population of bots for customer care and employee productivity.

Generative AI is a powerful tool that can be used to create new content, translate languages, and answer questions in a human-like way. But what are the critical components to consider in striking a balance between human intelligence and AI?

In this free, downloadable whitepaper written by Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder with Opus Research, we explore:

  • The Rise of Generative AI: How it is transforming customer interactions and enterprise operations.
  • LLM Use Cases: Different ways in which Large Language Models (LLMs) enhance workflows, from conversational design and call summarization to content generation and research.
  • The Case for Human Intelligence: Human intervention is required to compensate for the known shortcomings of Generative AI and LLMs.

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