The Conversational Intelligence Gap, And What to Do About it

Businesses have invested billions of dollars in technologies to capture data in order to glean the marketing tactics and customer support efforts that are working, as well as what’s not working, and why. Gaining intimate understanding of these factors is the essential element defining basic strategy, prioritizing key initiatives, and garnering operational improvements.

Businesses recognize that intimate understanding of customers and their intents is the “North Star” of all data collection and analytics. Yet many companies have become their own worst enemies in their attempt to accumulate and curate the best data possible.

One company that is gaining significant traction in this space among industry leaders and systems integrators is Talkmap. Talkmap is a Conversational Intelligence company whose models and algorithms utilize 100% of ongoing customer conversations as they occur to gain accurate and timely visibility into customers and how they change over time.

In this paper (free to download), Dan Miller, Lead Analyst and Founder with Opus Research, outlines how business benefits can only be accomplished when organizations scale real-time, dynamic, and continuous Conversational Intelligence in production systems with the speed and accuracy required to make it truly actionable.

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