Opus Research Report: “2022 State of Voice Technology”

Opus Research recently fielded a survey of 400 decision-makers, in a partnership with Deepgram, seeking to identify and evaluate emerging trends for speech recognition technologies and related resources.

The specific areas of interest sought to understand motivations for the use of speech technology, what the future holds for voice, as well as current business applications of conversational data for companies, their employees and their customers.

The survey found the most impactful use case for voice technology was the means to analyze and improve customer experiences. Leveraging speech and conversational data for voicebots also is gaining traction among businesses. Additionally, respondents have a keen understanding that the accuracy of core automated speech recognition resources is the basis for effective applications and use cases.

Key findings from the report revealed that 99% of respondents view voice-enabled experiences as a critical part of their future enterprise growth strategy. Learn more and understand the motivation for the increased adoption of voice technology by downloading the “2022 State of Voice Technology Report.”

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