Addressing the Threat of Deepfakes with Voice Biometrics (Webinar)

In light of the persistent and irreversible threat of “Deepfakes” spoofing the most sophisticated anti-fraud technologies, advancements in voice biometrics are proving to be a key component of sophisticated, modern security solutions.

That’s because, after 25 years of implementation and billions of user authentications, voice biometric-based solutions have evolved to provide the levels of accuracy, simplicity, scalability and robustness required to address today’s challenges.

Join seasoned industry experts from Opus Research, SymNex Consulting, and IngenID in this live, interactive webinar (Wed., February 21, 1pm ET) to gain insights and hear recommendations surrounding factors that ensure successful deployment of voice biometrics. Topics include:

  • Respect for privacy and user consent: What it means and how to accomplish it
  • Simplicity, Scalability, and Usability: How to succeed with end users at scale
  • Future-Proof Deployments: How to tune and optimize deployments over time
  • Taking on Deepfakes: Why voice biometrics are emerging as a trusted resource for detecting these scourges to phone based and electronic commerce

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