2023 Global Survey: State of Intelligent Authentication and Contact Center Security

Growing use of digital channels and mobile apps has changed the nature and complexity of caller authentication and creating new security threats for contact centers. But tensions remain in efforts to balance customer convenience and agent efficiency with requirements.

To learn more about modern authentication requirements and business readiness of fraud prevention for enterprises, Opus Research joined with SymNex Consulting to survey 250 executives decision-makers involved with their companies’ deployment of technologies for customer authentication.

This exclusive global survey highlights the growing pressure on organizations to handle increasing call volumes and call complexities while simultaneously employing intelligent authentication and fraud prevention procedures.

[For a preview of how priorities have shifted, including the potential for transitioning to automated forms of identification and authentication like Voice Biometrics, Network Authentication and app-based methods, click here to see the recent webinar with the “Modern Security Community”.]

In this report, learn critical themes and near-term predictions and what they mean for both end-user organizations and technology solution providers.

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