Opus Research Report: “State of Voice 2023”

In its second year, Opus Research’s “State of Voice” survey explores the latest insights on speech AI applications and automatic speech recognition (ASR) across a dozen industries, as seen by 400 business leaders.

Working in conjunction with Deepgram, the survey provides a snapshot of what the sudden, fundamental rise in expectations in Conversational AI means for the speech industry.

The report examines how voice is a well-understood, yet under-utilized resource for businesses and organizations. Some key highlights from the report include:

  • 85% of respondents expect widespread deployment of voice technology in the next five years
  • Yet 84% of respondents transcribe less than half of their audio data for business use cases
  • 43% expect voicebots and Conversational AI to reach humanlike levels of interaction in less than a year (54% expect in 1-3 years)

Additionally, the Opus Research report finds voice technology adds value for companies which adopt it in order to save money in operational expenses, increase revenue, and employ productivity gains. Some challenges holding back the state of speech AI include the need to improve accuracy and expand intelligence capabilities.

Learn more and understand the motivation for the increased adoption of voice technology by downloading the “2023 State of Voice” report. For more information and to download the full report, please fill out the brief form below:

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