Webinar: “Conversational Intelligence: Measurable Results Through Better Listening”

Brands understand that if they are not delivering great customer experiences (CX) across digital and voice channels, it is an existential threat. And data-driven brands understand that they can’t manage what they don’t measure. In order for organizations to be resilient, they must effectively manage this tango between digital and voice with holistic analytics across all types of conversations.
Whether they text or talk, businesses across multiple industries, from industries like financial services, retail, streamed entertainment and healthcare, have found ways to uncover conversational patterns and customer insights from every interaction and put it to use to improve business outcomes in measurable ways.
Join Opus Research, GoDaddy, and LivePerson in a live, interactive webinar (Tuesday, December 6th, 1pm EST) for a deeper dive into the technologies that help companies get past collecting pure data to derive true insights and delivering measurable results through better listening.  Come learn:

  • Real-world case studies and high-impact use cases for Conversational Intelligence
  • How to spot previously undetected issues to glean business insights
  • How to deploy tools that generate meaningful measurements of business outcomes
  • How to leverage analytics to determine automation and self-service opportunities

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