Inbenta and PhoneMyBot Case Study: Augmenting Chatbots with Intelligent Voice

There is quite a gap in the number of deployments between chatbots, working on text, and voice-enabled virtual assistants. This makes the customer voice experience worse for the public, and very expensive for companies. But voice is not going away anytime soon, and companies need to meet their customers where they are.

Interactive Media’s “PhoneMyBot” tackles this very challenge by simplifying and enabling voice channels with your existing chatbot integration. Leveraging the same NLU/NLP intelligence that powers conversational chat interactions for voice is the key value proposition of PhoneMyBot.

As presented at Opus Research’s Conversational Cloud Conference 2002 in New Orleans, join Livio Pugliese and Jordi Torras as they discuss how to integrate chatbots with a voice channel, avoiding pitfalls, and adapting conversation to the new medium.

Introduction by Scott Baker, analyst at Opus Research
Livio Pugliese, President & CEO, North America, Interactive Media
Jordi Torras, Founder and CEO, Inbenta

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