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Opus Research is a diversified advisory and analysis firm providing critical insight on software and services that support digital transformation. Opus Research is focused on the merging of NLU, machine learning, conversational AI, generative AI, conversational intelligence, intelligent authentication, LLMs, and digital commerce. Sector analysis includes:

  • Conversational Intelligence – Inside customer care infrastructures and beyond, leveraging speech & conversational analytics, CRM & first-party data, and extending throughout the enterprise to improve customer experiences.
  • Intelligent Assistants & Conversational AI – Exemplary integrations of chatbots, voicebots, and intelligent assistants using natural language understanding, speech processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence and analytics to support initiatives in customer care, employee assistance, device control, sales & marketing, messaging, and e-commerce.
  • Intelligent Authentication (Identification, Verification & Fraud) – An area of long-standing market expertise, Opus Research covers voice security, biometrics & analytics, identity management, fraud prevention, and customer authentication to support trusted commerce.

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Opus Research events tackle real-world opportunities and challenges as brands and enterprises embrace Natural Language Processing, Conversational AI, Machine Learning, Conversational Intelligence, Continuous Authentication and Intelligent Assistance.

Opus Research organizes and produces industry-leading events that feature case studies, in-depth panel discussions and unprecedented networking opportunities for enterprises, customers, solutions providers, and technology vendors to foster new business opportunities in emerging markets.

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Research & Analysis

Opus Research interacts with its clients through distinct channels:
Opus Research

  • Advisory Service — Primary offering is our subscription-based Advisory Service in which clients gain access to our forecasts, market models and analysis, which support strategic planning, business development and go-to-market tactics.
  • Consulting Services — Providing clients with in-depth research and analysis related to specific business issues that they face in the interactive services sector.

Opus Research provides market analysis to support strategic planning and go-to-market tactics for providers of core technologies. We have compiled a mature and tested knowledge base and forecasting tool in the areas of voice, directory and identity-based application infrastructures and mediated services to provide clear guidelines for success in an ever-changing multimodal customer care landscape.

Surveys & Market Trends

Opus Research conducts intensive qualitative and quantitative research of service providers, vendors and end users. Through consumer surveys and executive interviews, we investigate the key factors that impact success, including competitive forces, growth drivers, potential obstacles, technological, and regulatory issues and trends.

Contact: For more information about reports, research or becoming an Opus Research client:
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