Featured Research

xHMI: Smoothing Conversational Speech’s Speedbumps

What XML (eXtensible Markup Language) has done for Web services, xHMI (eXtensible Human Machine Interface) carries into the domain of multi-channel interactivity. Its mission is to allow developers, IT professionals and internal staff to use familiar tools for application development, design, testing and deployment.

Verisign’s Push-To-Talk Voice Portal

Verisign Inc. demonstrated a flavor of push-to-talk (PTT) services that integrates IM-like call initiation with its content management services; thus providing single-button access to popular voice information services like news, weather or stock quotes.

ASP Best Practices for Speech: Edition 1.0

Through a series of executive surveys and interviews, backed by intensive research and analysis of product industry news, product literature and sales collateral, Opus Research has compiled descriptions of “best practices” of Voice Application Service Providers (Voice ASPs) according to five “Ps”: Price, Promotion, Product/Packaging, Positioning/Placement and Personnel.