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Using Voice Biometrics for Strong Authentication and Risk Reduction

This era of self-service, cloud computing and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) has significantly accelerated the occurrence of fraudulent access, data breaches and identity theft. Hackers and fraudsters have more avenues of ingress to steal credentials and have their way with enterprise networks and data. Voice and multi-factor authentication offer an effective alternative to the prevailing, often ineffective methods and practices.

Gold Systems Leveraging a Long Legacy with Microsoft Lync

Among the handful of Microsoft’s go-to-market partners are involved with Contact Center and Interactive Voice Reponse (IVR) software, Gold Systems stands out with a commitment to Speech at Microsoft extending to the original SpeechServer and unique software, Vonetix, to speed development and simplify management of enterprise apps.

Equifax, Anakam and The Future Potential of ID Proofing

Equifax’s acquisition of multifactor authentication specialist Anakam shows that the risk and credit management specialist recognizes the value of stronger ID-proofing in anticipation of the public’s move to mobile commerce and the need for stronger controls on access management to personal information in an increasingly cloud-based world.