Updated Experience Portal and Orchestration Designer Differentiate Avaya’s Aura Multi-channel Customer Care Offering

This week Avaya announced new enhancements to its Customer Experience Management product suite. In the company quotes research results in which show that 93% of business managers recognize the downside not providing “a holistic, personalized customer experience” with consequences that include “lost customers, missed sales opportunities and lower revenue, and reduced loyalty.”

In anticipation of the upcoming Enterprise Connect trade show, Avaya is showcasing a newly updated and globalized Aura® Experience Portal (version 7.0). The latest release leverages long-standing commitment to open, Web services-based architectures to support interactive SMS and email-based customer communications. Two new features, Proactive Outreach and Intelligent Customer Routing (ICR), run on the Experience Portal.

Using a free tool set called Avaya Orchestration Designer, enterprise customers (even non-technical ones) can create or customize self-service and assisted service applications and workflows that span mobile, SMS, email, social, and other touchpoints. Thus it can claim to “optimize each and every interaction through real-time visibility into caller intent, cross channel interaction history and other business insights.” The latest release of ICR, allows even finer control based on target service levels, enterprise resources, and customer segmentation.

For example, using these tools enables a large chain of pharmacies, to pursue an “SMS-first” strategy, with full knowledge that the “open rate” for an SMS-based link far exceeds anything that is achieved with email or banner ads. In addition, a new feature, which Avaya refers to as “zoning” makes it easier for customer care solutions to be localized. This means that different languages can be supported in various forms of communications and companies can better manage communications networking costs.

The new Experience Portal is positioned to fit into the Avaya Aura® Collaboration Environment which will enable companies to bring context management, enterprise work assignment, real-time speech analysis and WebRTC-based streamed communications into the mix of services. It joins a handful of solutions providers, that includes Genesys, [24]7 and Aspect/Voxeo and a few others that have taken concrete steps to productize platforms to support real-time, omnichannel conversational commerce.

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