SoCoCare Launches Social CIM

Cloud-based customer service specialist SoCoCare has formally launched a set of services to provide companies with the tools and resources for Social Customer Interaction Management or Social CIM(TM). As Ed Margulies, COO and co-founder of SoCoCare explains in this press release, the current generation of tools for integrating social network-based postings are fragmented by nature because there are different vendors or sources for listening, natural language processing, analytics, decisioning, network aggregation and prioritizing (based on influence).

The Social CIM platform is a single resource that performs the functions described above and renders results in a “dashboard” that can be tailored to support real-time activities by agents. It is designed to handle data streams from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS feeds, Blogs and selected sources of electronic articles. Productivity enhancers start with built-in “spam elimination,” designed to rid the social media stream of messages that have no consequence.
The system can also assign priority to individual authors and keep track of specific “threads” or conversations. Agents can search and find specific conversations with specific customers or prospects.

Analytics and reporting is also built in. From the agent’s perspective, it supports “self-KPIs” (Key Performance Indicators) and lets individual agents compare their results to workgroup peers. Supervisors have access to real time KPI statistics and extensive SLA (Service Level Agreement) dashboards for each profile, cluster, workgroup and social feed.

SoCoCare is one of three business units of Hyfiniti, a incubator for businesses, products and platforms taht help enterprise customers “deliver a more dignified customer service experience.” The other two members of the portfolio are are InAppCare, which focuses on providing mobile customer care; and Hold-Free Networks, which specializes in callback services and intelligent queue management.

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